We develop novel technologies and better products with our interdisciplinary team of scientists, engineers and creative innovators. Zymeron works closely with our partners in academia, industry and the government to find practical and sensible solutions to problems identified through the assessment of commercial markets and government initiatives.

Zymeron formed four business units to address challenges in detecting, preventing, protecting from, and treating infectious diseases and emerging threats, and in improving the sustainability of critical human life and healthcare supplies in resource-limited regions and austere environments.

Infectious Disease Control

At Zymeron, our talented scientists discover and advance precision medicine technologies to prevent and treat infectious diseases and immunological disorders. Zymeron’s precision bioengineering capability enables the action and effect of pharmaceutical agents at specific biomolecular and subcellular targets.

Medical Countermeasures

We develop medical countermeasure (MCM) technologies to detect, prevent and mitigate adverse health effects imposed by chemical threat agents and ionizing radiations. Zymeron work closely with industrial partners, federal labs and nonprofit stakeholders to test and evaluate our technologies and products for performance qualification, regulatory acceptance and acquisition.

Point of Care Tests (POCT)

Our interdisciplinary team of chemists, biologists and engineers work closely with key opinion leaders and external SMEs to develop rapid diagnostic tests and assays designed for end users in the field, clinical offices and hospital bedsides. Zymeron’s POC test kits include a portable or handheld reader and single-use cartridges.

Advanced Materials

We innovate to create advanced materials and material systems using bioinspired synthetic methods and engineering strategies. Rapid reduction of bioinspired ideas to practice allows developing revolutionary materials with disruptive properties to deliver a step-change in performance and enable game-change capabilities that are new to the world.