Zymeron is committed to the creation of innovative, practical and sensible solutions for our clients, partners, and stakeholders. Our capabilities statement is organized as success stories in the three technology focus areas: precision therapeutics, rapid diagnostic tests, and bioinspired synthetic systems.

Rapid reduction of concept to practice

Bioinspired material ideas were rapidly reduced to practice demonstrating that the newly created synthetic polymer materials work correctly with the originally concepted biomimetic properties for its desired application purposes. From the bioinspired idea being conceived to material property verification, and application demonstration, an idea is transformed to intellectual properties with commercial values.

Feasibility demonstration

Antiviral protein degraders demonstrated the proof of concept that targeted enzymatic degradation of viral proteins is a new drug discovery approach for better performing antiviral drugs with less drug resistance. The feasibility was demonstrated by compound synthesis, in vitro protein analysis and spreading infection testing, and in vivo rodent models.

Prototyping and pilot production

Point of care diagnostic tests were brought to advanced prototypes through carefully designed optimization, evaluation and verification processes of materials screening and test formats engineering. Scalability and manufacturability were factored into considerations in the R&D process to allow seamless transfer to manufacture for pilot production, clinical validation, and early adoption.

Engineering human factors and usability

The target product profile (TPP) outlines the critical human factors that are engineered into our point of need and fieldable devices throughout our user-centered product development cycle. All our point of care and point of need products and the device-use interface are optimized through usability testing with the intended users in simulated user environment. Usability is critical and we do it early and often.

Design controls to ensure safe and effective products

Design controls are used as the basics to get the right product developed for the right market and the right end user. The goal is to make sure that the final product meets the intended use and user needs by objective evidence in measurable means.

Our design control comprises a 7-step process:
input review output verification freeze transfer validation

Design verification“Did we make the product correctly?”
Design validation “Did we make the correct product?”

Commitment to excellence

We are committed to excellence.

Goal oriented – We set goals and achieve goals, stay focused, define milestone and celebrate success.
Knowledge driven – Our knowledge comprises of technical competencies, functional skills, and innovation toolbox.
Consistent – Our commitment is defined as the state of being dedicated to a goal fully.
All about our team – Successes arise from the excellent team.