Zymeron is a research-based biotechnology company that discover, develop and commercialize innovative technologies to deliver products and solutions with step-change performance.

Zymeron operates as an innovation engine to advance portfolios of technologies to detect, prevent, and treat infectious diseases, immune disorders and emerging threats, and to improve the sustainability of critical life support and health maintenance.

Our Mission

Zymeron’s mission is to innovate and create safe, effective and sustainable technologies for global challenges by leveraging our specialty in bioinspired polymer systems and nanosystems.

Our Values

We are driven by innovation, inspired by possibility, and embodied by diversity. Our team are collaborative, innovative, and productive.

About Zymeron

Zymeron develops practical and sensible solutions to technical challenges that are identified through comprehensive assessment of market needs and technology gaps in areas with critical unmet needs. We start with customer experience, identify benefits that our technologies and specialties can bring to them, conduct applied research and commercialization, and deliver products to meet their needs. Our beyond the box thinking allows us to develop innovative technological solutions. We focus on revolutionary innovations that deliver step-change in performance rather than incremental improvements, and disruptive innovations that enable game-changing capabilities that are new to the world.

Zymeron has three market-driven business units, 1) Medical technologies, where we strive to transform and simplify care for people with life-threatening infections, chronic infections and autoimmune disorders; 2) Emerging threat countermeasures, where we develop easy-to-use, fieldable first response solutions for rapid and mass deployment to protect human life, civilian and defense assets; 3) Advanced materials, where we discover, develop and deliver technologies enabling game changing capabilities to save cost, improve performance and reduce risk in sustainability of critical human life support and health maintenance.

Zymeron was founded in 2015 in the Research Triangle Park (RTP), North Carolina. Located in the Frontier RTP campus, we are a member of a large network of startups, small and mid-sized companies with a focus in bringing the RTP region’s intellectual property from bench to market.

Our Team

Zymeron is built on a diversity of perspectives and disciplines that prove to accelerate innovation. Our team are committed to solving challenges and focused on advancing technologies.