We innovate to create.

Zymeron® designs and engineers bioinspired polymer systems and biomimetic nanosystems to achieve superior properties and critical functions. By precisely engineering the material formulation and fabrication process our materials are made smarter enabling on-demand and intelligent response to biological factors and environmental conditions. Zymeron develops a portfolio of biomimetic material technologies and biointerfacing technologies, and transitions laboratory ideas and innovations to practical solutions and higher-performing products.

Precision Therapeutics

Precision therapeutics is enabled by targeted manipulation of synthetic material interactions with biological systems. Talented chemists and biologists at Zymeron develop a portfolio of biointerfacing technologies to precisely control the trafficking of chemical compounds and nanoparticles in living systems and their engagement with molecular and cellular targets including membrane proteins, subcellular organelles and tissue markers.

Precision therapeutics technologies include:

  • Targeted delivery of stimuli-responsive drug payloads
  • Guided cell trafficking
  • Guided intracellular protein-protein interactions
  • Long-lasting implants with high-precision onset and duration
  • Extended release systems targeting different gastrointestinal regions
  • Topical formulations to manage skin permeability

Rapid Diagnostics and Detection

Next-generation rapid diagnostic tests (RDT) are developed through nanoenhanced ultrasensitive detection technologies. Zymeron scientists and engineers integrated brighter nanoprobes and precision surface coating technologies to develop paper and membrane-based RDTs. Owing to the proprietary polymer and membrane innovations, extremely low background signals and non-specific binding significantly improved the assay sensitivity, specificity, dynamic range and limit of quantification.

Zymeron’s interdisciplinary innovations enable:

  • Device miniaturization for use at point of care and field deployment
  • Laboratory tests-matching diagnostic accuracy to be achieved at the same time
  • RDT technologies in infectious disease monitoring and emergent threat agent detection.