Rx – Precision Therapeutics

Precision therapeutics is enabled by targeted manipulation of synthetic molecules and materials interactions with biological systems. Talented chemists and biologists at Zymeron develop technologies to precisely control the trafficking of chemical compounds and nanoparticles in living systems and their engagement with molecular and cellular targets including membrane proteins, subcellular organelles and tissue markers.
Precision therapeutics technologies include target protein degradation; pathogen agnostic antibacterials, antivirals and antifungals; long lasting drug implants; bone marrow delivery systems; adjuvanted recombinant nanoparticle vaccine platform.

Anti-Infectious Therapeutics

At Zymeron, our talented scientists discover and advance precision medicine technologies to prevent and treat infectious diseases and immunological disorders. Zymeron’s precision Rx technologies enable the action and effect of pharmaceutical agents at specific biomolecular and subcellular targets.

Drug Delivery & Formulation

The Drug Delivery, Reformulation and Repurpose (D2-R2) program uses the 505(b)(2) pathway to develop improved medicines in niche markets where commercial gaps or clinical opportunities exist. Our in-house formulation experts customize the core delivery technologies to satisfy the unmet medical needs. Drug repurposing is another strategy for clinical development of our product candidates either independently or in collaboration with pharma partners to expand our product pipeline.

Medical Countermeasures

Zymeron develops medical countermeasure (MCM) technologies to detect, prevent and mitigate adverse health effects imposed by chemical threat agents and ionizing radiations. Zymeron work closely with industrial partners, federal labs and nonprofit stakeholders to test and evaluate our technologies and products for performance qualification, regulatory acceptance and acquisition.

We develop novel technologies and better products with our interdisciplinary team of scientists, engineers and creative innovators. Zymeron works closely with our partners in academia, industry and the government to find practical and sensible solutions to problems identified through the assessment of commercial markets and government initiatives.