New Drug Implant Technology Offers Complete Infection Protection and Peace of Mind to Patients

August 2nd, 2021

(Durham, NC) – Zymeron Corporation, a research-based biotechnology company, announced that it is developing a long-lasting antimalaria prophylactic drug.

Malaria is recognized as a top-tier infectious disease threat associated with a high risk for mortality among individuals who travel to and stay in endemic regions and countries of the world. The FDA categorizes Malaria as a neglected disease, with no big pharma base for the development of drugs to prevent the disease.

Zymeron develops preventive medicines to control the spreading of infectious agents at the point of mosquito-to-human transmission. One of the strategies is to use long-lasting subcutaneous drug implants. Individuals are given the implants at a doctor’s office immediately before entering the endemic regions and are protected for the entire duration of the travel or stay in the region. The biggest benefit is that those individuals do not need to take the preventive drug tablets daily, maximizing medication adherence and reducing logistic burdens. Zymeron has developed the implant technology with customizable duration of effect ranging from one to twelve months, and this allows people to choose the right implant matching their duration of stay in the endemic regions. Upon departure from the region, the implants will gradually dissolve causing no harm to the body and not requiring removal surgery. By stopping disease spreading at the initial point of transmission to humans, the implant not only provides complete protection to travelers and field workers but also reduces the chance of drug resistance development.

Zymeron is expanding the preclinical development of the implant technology to several other infectious diseases for better protecting the health of the military and civilian populations and providing peace of mind to those in the disease endemic regions.

About Zymeron

Zymeron ( is a research-based biotechnology company that discovers, develops and commercializes innovative technologies to deliver products and solutions with step-change performance. Zymeron operates as an innovation engine to advance portfolios of technologies to detect, prevent, and treat infectious diseases, immune disorders and emerging threats, and to improve the sustainability of critical life support and health maintenance.

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